We @ BMe hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!

I know it’s a very hectic time of year for all of us so I’ll keep this notice short.

New for those eternal souls *coughs…vampires* that have asked me for a holiday dress, I give you “Enchantment” a deep dark velvet skirt, gloves, top with just a splash of shimmering blood red.


BMe has a NEW gown “Midnight Moon” and I decided to give it away free in the Midnight Mania board, only 10 hits and it’s yours. Sneak peek in notecard.


Don’t forget to grab your “Victorian Christmas” gown FREE to group members until December 26. And the “Peace on Earth” hunt is on till Jan 6.

So grabs your friends, take a stroll in the snow and enjoy BlueMoon enterprise.

Peace and love

BlueMoon wishes peace, love and joy to all!

BlueMoon enterprise’s free group gift Until December 26th will turn you into the bell of your Holiday Ball. “Victorian Christmas” is a red and green velvet gown, trimmed with festive holly and poinsettias. It comes with a rigged mesh modesty skirt (so no silly glitch pants) and is topped with a flowing prim over skirt and train.

The “Snow Princess”
She dances amongst the icy crystals, to the celestial song upon the wind’s whisper.
When the world goes dark, angry and cold, she conjures the warmth within her soul
Small enough to hold in one hand but large enough to reach the heart of every man.
The only way to receive the “Snow Princess” is to join the “Peace on Earth” hunt at http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/poe-hunter-hints-instructions/

For those that did not have time to get “Miss Autumn Vintage Ruby” for free,
Miss Autumn Vintage Ruby
it’s this Month’s Midnight Mania gift and only takes 10 slaps a day to make it yours.

I would like to Thank  Vi (violette.larkham) for her help and wonderful ability at landscaping and Sir Robert Lionheart with his brilliant mesh builds for making the Land @ BlueMoon enterprise turn into a winter wonderland! You are both fantastic builders, Thank you.


Please enjoy the season of giving and peace and i hope you stop by BlueMoon Enterprise and enjoy.

Be Happy