New Design, Two fun colorways!

Some say she’s the sister of Robin Hood, others tell she’s the daughter of Joan of Arc. No one really knows for sure. What we do know is she is cloaked and hooded and lives in the shadows bringing good to mankind.

My New design is “Lady Night” it has two rigged mesh skirts, one long, one short. A cloak with scripted up/down hood, Leather moccasins, corset, leg and arm warmers to finish the look. It’s yours for the rest of the week for only 100L$.


You have until Feb. 14th to join in the fun with the Winter Wonder land hunt and your gift from BMe will be the Winter Snow colorway. Please  see sign at the BlueMoon enterprise shop on the grid of “Second Life” for information.


We also have a new satellite shop on the Gorean Merchant Isles (GMI). Here we will sell both the beautiful medieval builds and the clothing.  Next time your in world please take a look.

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