Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX, don’t miss the fun.

BlueMoon enterprise is part of  the wonderful Medieval Fantasy Hunt that runs from June 1st through June 30.  This Grid wide hunt was  created  for Medieval Shop and  role-play Sim owners. June will be the night hunt of this kind. The participants offer a high quality item that have something to do with either the middle-ages or/and fantasy.

Here is a sneak preview and Hints for the items you hunters will find @BMe
The legends of menfolk are passed in whispers,
and only those with open hearts can see;
The picturesque world that is shielded from unbelievers
And it’s people and village deep down in the sea.

So if you climb the stairs to Grannie’s attic,
And examine the treasures and secrets she keeps.
I think you too, will find your answers
And in an instant you will believe.

Lady-of-the-SEA Man-of-the-SEA

Extra Hint and Gift:
Turn around now go down the little stairs and through the little door, upon the giants desk you will  find the  pencil red and your gift will be next to the lead.

water-millBe Well, Be you and stop by BMe


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