Holiday Havoc Hunt a must DO!

This hunt is NOT like any other of the grid wide hunts, it’s a challenge of wit. I feel so lucky to have been asked to partake in.

The two holidays of Halloween and Christmas have always existed in a fantasy world, connected to our world by a magical portal.Then one night something bad happen. The gates to both towns were shattered in the chaos and the magical portal activated in confusion exposing itself to both world!

Help Fight to restore the peace. To find out how click here.

BMe Holiday Havoc Women's outfit.

BMe Holiday Havoc Woman’s outfit.

This is another snowglobe dress, but with out the snow. You have to see the dress to find all its secrets. Free for MadPea holiday hunters.

BMe Man's Holiday Havoc Outfit.

BMe Man’s Holiday Havoc Outfit.

This vintage Victorian Man’s Suit has a bit of a dark side. Find it and see why.

Holiday Havoc Tree

Holiday Havoc Tree

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