Introducing Lady Felicity @ BMe.

As the Victorian era drew to its close, skirt’s silhouette slimmed at the hip, any fullness in the skirt was confined to below the knee. The bustle was just about obsolete except for a very small padding. For day, ladies wore very high necks and the bosom was undefined with fullness giving them (what I call) “the look of a puffed up pigeon.”
If you study the ever-changing Victorian fashion you will find one thing constant. No matter how big the bustle, sleeve or skirt was the proper Victorian women always followed the main rule of her time. Wide ornate shoulders, small, painstaking (& suffocating at times I’m sure) waist that finished with a dramatically full skirt mimicking the wonderful hourglass silhouette that has shown it’s self throughout fashion for decades.

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The design for Lady Felicity follows all the so called “rules” of the time but her being such a free loving sprite, it was important for me to capture that. One example is the outfit can be worn long sleeve or short sleeve. Though the proper woman of the 1900 would always cover their arm on hot days Lady Felicity loves to feel the soft kiss of the sun. The bustle is all but gone on this dress making it easy for any Victorian women to ride a bike or sit in a car. I tried to stay true to the deep vibrant colors of the times mixing and matching them on the wonderful paisley and strips fabrics the Victorian times are so famous for. You can find BMe Lady Felicity on the Second Life Marketplace or in the world of Second Life.


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