A truly must see event . . .

Fair Play” – Be sure to peek in at this magical event full of many item to get your “spook” on. The event runs till Oct 27.

BMe Queen of Autumn.

BMe Queen of Autumn.

Click here to have a look at the beautiful Fair Play Catalog 

October holds some fun event featuring BMe designs.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting pictures of exclusive designs made for some very special events:

“Fantasy Cream” – this wonderful event has been extended till Oct 7th, the creators have done some spectacular items, so if you haven’t been there it’s a must do . . .  Be sure to take part of the FREE HUNT & VOTE & WIN!!!

(Each merchant has one exclusive creation on show that YOU get to vote on. Three people among those who have voted will be randomly chosen and will win a big prize made available by some of the MFGC merchants.)

 BMe Witch Hazel Wood is a bewitching dress that hides many secrets. The unrigged mesh skirt is layers upon uneven layers of a beautiful autumn harlequin texture designed for me by Bambi Chicque, inside the skirt you'll find a gnarly dead oak tree, jack a lantern, bubbling cauldron, and crow. The top is a RIGGED FITTED MESH leather patchwork corset with short skirt that work with SLINK mash avatar, CLASSIC avatar, and most other mesh avatars. Woolen arm warms and a floppy coordinating hat finishes the outfit.

BMe Fantasy Cream Hunt Items are unisex and everything a witch needs, Wand, crow that sits on your shoulder and crystal neck charm.

Free Hunt Gift