Juliet Brocade Horns & Crowns for Fair Play

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"I Bring You Home" by Bambi Chicque “I Bring You Home” by Bambi Chicque

I’m quite exhausted from working 7-days straight for 3-weeks straight….

And yet I survived!  So, I finally have my Exclusive Items for the November round

of Fair Play ~ The Forgotten Game!

(Notice I gave you the link to Fair Play – A TOTAL MUST SEE AND SHOP !!)

Solas (BlueMoon Enterprise) and I teamed up with her textures and I created

8 sets of “Juliet Brocade Horns & Crowns” to perfectly coordinate with her

8 sets of “Lady Juliet Gowns” – all Exclusive Items at Fair Play!

There are 8 color palettes to select from or you can get greedy and snag


There’s something about those horns………..

I am wearing the White in both sets!

Lady Juliet…here we come!

And as usual, the items will be available for sale at our shops after the event has ended.


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