Let It Snow

Runa, The Wild Elf

Fantasy Creators Showcase presented by  BlueMoon Enterprise invites for Yuletide Festival.

Nov 21st – Jan 9th, 2016

I am proud to be one of 20 “of Second Life’s most excellent fantasy creators” at the festival showing off my favorite items matching the season , at 30 % off .

The exclusively for the festival created place itself I can only describe as ” burtonesk” and Solas completed it when she said  “Where Alice meets Burton in Wonderland”.

We have all agreed to make a  special gift  – something that we are proud to show, something that is amazing and that people will love. And this is what I made as gift to find:

And because the place inspired me, I thought it needs matching Shelves and some decoration. And so 2 new releases got born :

LD Rainbow Shelves        LD Snow  Beads

Lilith's Den @ Yuletide Festival

Read what else to expect at https://fantasycreatorsshowcase.wordpress.com/




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