Avi Choice Award Bliss

Thank you Bambi for including me in your blog and congrats!!!

BamPu Legacies of SecondLife

"Avi Choice Award Bliss" by Bambi Chicque “Avi Choice Award Bliss” by Bambi Chicque

While Solas, of BlueMoon Enterprise, and I were jumping for joy one day

a while back as she was nominated in 2 Avi Choice Award Categories,

Blade called me and announced to me I was also nominated in the

Avi Choice Award “Favorite Fashion Blogger” Category!

I have been in avi heaven and thanking everyone for this

unforgettable nomination; and I know I have been up against

and proudly next to “the best”!

Strawberry Singh has been a silent mentor to me throughout my career

as a Second Life Blogger and I humbly extend my Congratulations to her

for winning in 2 Categories:

Favorite Fashion Blog and Favorite Fashion Blogger!

As I scour through her posts for information and updates,

I am always amazed this Teacher has so much time to dedicate herself

to publish astonishing material, photographs and tutorials

for all…

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