Be sure to check out BMe @ the May Enchantment event!

Every three months the cloak of mist that shrouds the island of Nymphai rolls out to sea revealing the beauty and magic it hides from the rest of the world. On May 14th the mist vanished unveiling the fairytale world of “Thumbelian”. You mustn’t wait as this phenomenon only last till May 31st . Here gathering together on this land of giant foliage and beauty, many of the top fantasy designers in Second life took inspiration from the Fairytale, and created wonderful NEW items to offer those that visit this “Enchantment” event. .

This is BlueMoon enterprises first time in this fantastic event. I have put together a gown inspired by the Disney animation. BMe Elina is original fitted mesh and comes in 4 colors. The corset has a color changing hud that has 4 coordinating textures that will blend with all color skirts. It’s trimmed in gold scroll work and is available in fitted mesh for Slink, Classic (and soon Maitreya) avatars. Be sure to grab the Free Gift, BMe Crystal Crown when you land at the entrance.


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